This focus group has been tasked with keeping our digital footprint fresh and our audio/visual equipment in the building up to date. Justin Parks and Orrin Deaver are the deacons in charge to help coordinate volunteers to help in the A/V booth, run the live stream, and manage the website and social media. The tech team also assists with marketing and advertising to present a friendly face to our community. If you are tech savvy and want to help keep the church moving into the digital age, please contact Justin or Orrin.

Audio/Video Operators

Every service requires audio operators to switch between live microphones, adjust mic levels, and keep the sound in the auditorium running smoothly. Additionally, video operators are needed to set camera scenes, record videos and begin live streams. Volunteers will be trained on our equipment and rotate between different service opportunities. This is one of those behind-the-scenes job that nobody notices, but everybody appreciates.