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As a church we are striving to live out the Biblical command to love God, each other and our neighbors well. This means worshiping and following Jesus Christ not only through our words, but also through the lives we lead.

The church of Christ first met in San Marcos in 1853 when a group of core members started meeting weekly just off the campus of Texas State University. In 1985 we moved to our current location on Country Estates Road and have been worshiping there ever since!

transformation place

The Gospel is ultimately about humanity being restored to God’s community. Only through practicing community will individuals grow fully in the grace and knowledge to be found in Jesus. Furthermore, it is through community that a fragmented world can best witness the power of the Gospel and the nature of God’s work. As a culture of confession, transformation, friendship, forgiveness, justice, power, and love springs up in the lives of normal people, those who don’t know Christ will be compelled to ask: "what is happening?"